If you have copied a dropbox from a previous semester and find it tedious to push the forward arrow on the calendar forward 12 times to get to the next calendar year please note this following workaround:

  1. Log into your D2L course site
  2. Visit the [Dropbox] area 
  3. Click the inverted triangle next to the dropbox folder you would like to edit the date for and select [Edit Folder] 
  4. Click the [Restrictions] tab near the top of the page 
  5. In the “Has Due Date” area click [the date (e.g., 6/19/13)]. You’ll see a calendar appear, but above it change the date from the old year (e.g., 2013) to the new year (e.g., 2014).
  6. After changing the year hit the [enter] key on your keyboard and your calendar should refresh to the current year.