If you need to access submission files offline instead of viewing them directly from Dropbox’s document viewer, you can download submissions to your computer.

You can also leave feedback in downloaded submission files, and upload the files back to the dropbox folder in the form of attachments (files are attached to each user’s submission evaluation). See below for instructions.

Download submission files

1.  On the Folder Submissions page, in the Users tab, select the check box beside each user or group with dropbox files you want to download.

2.  Click [Download].

3.  Click on the newly created zip folder and save it to your local computer. (It may have automatically saved to your “Downloads” folder.”
  • Within the .zip file, Dropbox renames each downloaded submission file to include a unique user ID, the user’s name, or the group’s name along with the submitting user’s name, and the submission date and time.
  • Dropbox marks downloaded submission files with a “Read” icon.

4.  Extract the files from the saved .zip file, into a new folder on your local computer.

6.  View each submission.
IMPORTANT:  DO NOT RENAME THE FILES if you want to leave feedback directly in a downloaded submission and attach it to a user’s dropbox submission evaluation. Also, do not change the file name when you save your changes. This ensures easier upload and distribution back to students.

Uploading and attaching feedback from downloaded files

IMPORTANT: To ensure successful feedback upload and distribution back to students, do not rename the downloaded files’ names. Simply enter feedback and save changes.

NOTE: Internet Explorer 9 and older currently do not support dragging and dropping files from your desktop into Learning Environment.

1.  On the Dropbox Folders page, click on the folder you want to upload feedback files for.

2.  Click [Add Feedback Files].


3.  Click [Upload].

  • Navigate to the folder where you unzipped the students’ original files, where you inserted your comments and feedback.
  • Open the folder containing the feedback files.
  • Select ALL the files, including the “index” file.

NOTE: You MAY, instead, wish to zip all your feedback files into a new .zip file for uploading. If you choose this option, your compressed zip file structure must be identical to the bulk submission download, and file names should remain unchanged. This ensures the automatic distribution process runs smoothly.

4.  OPTIONAL: By default, the system overwrites duplicate upload files. Clear the “Overwrite duplicate files” check box if you want to keep duplicates.

5.  Click [Add].
6.  Feedback files that fail to be automatically distributed will be displayed in the “Distribute Feedback” dialog. Select a file, then click on the student you want to send the feedback to.