Note: this tutorial assumes you are seeing Discussion topics in “Reading View.”

For easier viewing, use the Discussions List

1.  In the main navigation bar, click [Discussions]

2.  Click [Settings] at the top of the page


3.  Check the box to select “Always show the Discussions List pane”


4.  Click [Save]

To read discussion posts

1.  In the main navigation bar, click [Discussions]

2.  For a clear view of all Forums, click [Hide All Topics].  This is a toggle — you may click again to [Show All Topics], when needed.



3.  Beneath the Forum name, you will see a link. [Click to show] all Topics under the desired Forum. (This is also a toggle. You may click again to hide all Topics, when needed.)


4.  Beneath the discussion Forum title, click on the title of the Topic to display all Threads within that Topic.

5.  Click on a discussion topic “thread” title to display all replies to the thread, along with the original post.


Identifying unread posts

“Unread” Indicators

In the “View Topic” page, all threads containing unread posts appear bolded and have a thick vertical blue line on the left side of the discussion box when you are viewing “topics.” 

  • UNbolded titles and NO thick blue border line indicate there are no unread posts in the thread.
  • BOLDED titles and thick blue border lines indicate unread posts are present in the threads.


  • The numbers below the thread text may indicate “0 Unread” — this number does NOT include the initial post in the thread, which is unread if the title is bold.
  • The number of “Views” indicates the total times the thread has been viewed by anyone in the course.



Filtering by “Unread”

To see only topics with unread posts, click [Unread] in the “Filter by:” tool navigation.

Click [Unread] again to restore all topics.

NOTE: When viewing only topics with unread posts, the word [Unread] will be shown with a darker grey background.



How many “unread” posts?

Once a discussion gets going, new posts can come in very quickly. There are a number of places in D2L that indicate that new posts are available for reading:

My Courses List

The “Updates” area in your My Courses list on the D2L MyHome page displays the total number of unread posts for all discussion topics in your course.



Discussions List


The number of unread posts appears beneath the “posts” column next to each Topic in the Discussions List.

The example below shows 18 posts in the “Introductions” topic, with 16 of those being “unread.”



If the “Topics view” is hidden, the number of unread posts appears beneath the Forum title.


D2L 10.3  June 2014