This tutorial will show you how to replace old video (or audio files) that may have been uploaded to UW-System’s streaming server, or to the UW-System MediaSpace pilot instance, with new media files using the [My Media] tool in D2L. If you need additional assistance or have questions about UW-System’s streaming server, or files uploaded to MediaSpace during the UW-System pilot, please contact Amy Mangrich (

Step #1

  1. Login to D2L at, enter your course site and click [Content].
  2. Identify the video (or audio file) that you’d like to re-link and click the Topic title to view.

Step #2

  1. To the right of the title pull-down the menu and select [Edit].

Step #3

  1. In the HTML Editor, click and highlight the yellow embed box. Click the [Delete] key on your keyboard to delete the embedded media.

Step #4

  1. The HTML Editor window will be empty.
  2. Click the [Insert Stuff] button (looks like play/pause/stop/fast-forward buttons).

Step #5

  1. Click the [My Media] tab.
  2. Pull down the [Add New] menu.
  3. Select [Media Upload].

Step #6

  1. Click [Choose a File to Upload].

Step #7


Browse to the location on your computer where you have saved your file and select the file.

1. Enter a [Title] for your video.
2. Click [Next].

Step #8


1. Click [Insert].

Step #9

  1. When you return to the [Edit HTML File] window, you’ll see the media thumbnail and player.
  2. Click [Update].