The Scantron(TM)-to-D2L Conversion Tools generate a file of test scores that can be converted to a D2L GradeBook import-ready file & one with information about problem Scantron(TM) sheets.

Please Note: You will need to have your students provide their student i.d. number and fill in the corresponding bubbles for the scantron conversion tool to work.

SUMMARY of the process:

1. Ask the Testing Center for the appropriate file:

  • If you use PINK Scantron(TM) answer sheets, ask for a .dlm file
  • If you use BLUE Scantron(TM) answer sheets, ask for a tab-delimited .asc file

2. Use the appropriate Scantron(TM)-to-D2L Conversion Tool to generate Resolved & Error files:

3. Use the Resolved file to import scores into D2L.

4. Use the Error file to locate problem Scantron(TM) sheets, then manually enter score data from these sheets into D2L.


How to use the OLD Scantron(TM)-to-D2L Conversion Tool for PINK Scantron(TM) answer sheets

Essential information about the conversion utility and the tutorial is also available on each UWM D2L course home page, on the far left under “D2L news.”

Many thanks to Gerry Bergtrom of the UW-Milwaukee Learning Technology Center and to Tim Miles and his associates in UW-Milwaukee’s University Information Technology Services (UITS), who collaborated to produce this Scantron(TM)-to-D2L conversion utility.

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