Creating a text-only PowerPoint presentation with notes and slide images

This process is especially useful for instructors wishing to deliver course content and lectures online. It is recommended that in addition to a voice-over PowerPoint presentation (created using Adobe Presenter) instructors also provide the content in a text-only format.

This process requires instructor to create a text transcript of their lecture and paste the text into the [Notes] area of the PowerPoint presentation.



1. Open the presentation with notes in PowerPoint 2007

2. Click on the [Office Button] in the top left corner

3. Select [Publish]

4. Select [Create Handouts in Microsoft Office Word]


5. Select [Notes below slides] from the [Send To Microsoft Office Word] menu

6. Click [OK]


Note: Word will open and display the PowerPoint slides and the notes text. You may alter the text and images in the Word document.

7. Save the finished document as a PDF


8. Click on the [Office Button] in the top left corner

9. Select [Save As]

10. Select [Adobe PDF]

11. Browse to the desired folder

12. Click [Save]