On occasion, the Discussions tool of a course cannot be edited. The course instructor or an administrator goes to edit the description of a Topic, and the tabs – Properties, Restrictions, Assessment, and Objectives – are visible, but there is no HTML Editor and the remaining edit areas are blank. Typically, bad HTML code in the discussion topic Description is to blame. To fix this problem:

1. From your D2L home page, select [Account Settings] from the drop-down menu to the right of your name (in the upper right-hand corner).

2. Under the [Account Settings] tab, scroll down to the [HTML Editor Settings] section.

3. Click the box [HTML Editor: Turn off rich text editor and view source].

4. Click [Save and Close].

5. Go back to [My Home], and select the course.

6. Go to [Discussions].

7. Click the [inverted black triangle] to the right of the Topic name and select [Edit Topic].

8. Under the [Properties] tab, delete the problematic HTML code from the Description area.

9. Click [Save and Close].

D2L 10.3 – May 2014