The instructor can choose to allow anonymous posting to any Discussion Forum or Discussion Topic at any time, and can also remove the ability for anonymous posting at any time.

IMPORTANT: Posts that are authored anonymously will remain anonymous forever. Posts that reveal the identity of the author at the time they are posted will never switch to “anonymous.”

Here’s how to allow anonymous posting in a Discussion Forum or Topic:

1. On the [Properties] tab of a new or existing Discussion Forum or Topic, look below the “Description” text box to find [Options].

2. Under [Options], check the box beside [Allow anonymous posts].

3. Click [Save and Close].

NOTE:  In a Discussion Forum or Topic that allows anonymous posting, author anonymity is not automatic. When authoring a message in Discussions, users MUST check the box beside [Post as Anonymous], if they wish to have their message posted anonymously.

D2L 10.3 – May 2014