Occasionally, a tool in D2L will “freeze” due to rogue HTML coding or other random characters that prevent the D2L system from behaving as expected.

For example, an instructor recently reported that she had posted a new News item which failed to properly display –and– locked her out of the editing functions for the entire News tool.

To work around this situation, it may be possible to enter the affected tool through a “back door,” using the course ou# as the key. Here’s how:

1. Open D2L in two separate browser tabs.

2. In one tab, open the D2L site that has the “frozen” tool.

  • In this site, look for the course ou# in the browser’s address bar; the ou# is the last 6 digits of the URL.
  • Copy the 6-digit ou# onto your clipboard. Be sure to get all six digits, but nothing else.

3. In the other tab, open any D2L *other* site where you have “edit” capabilities for that same tool.

  • In this site, navigate to the “edit” screen of the tool in question.
  • Replace the existing ou# with the 6-digit ou# from the course with the “frozen” tool.
  • Hit [Enter]

4. The D2L screen should show the “edit” screen for the “frozen” tool.

  • This will allow you to either edit the offending HTML code, delete the entire document or News item that is causing the problem, or otherwise deal with the situation.

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In the case of “bad” HTML code, it can be helpful to

  • copy the desired text to your clipboard,
  • paste it into Notepad or another text editor (to remove the coding and formatting), then
  • copy from Notepad and
  • paste into a NEW news or Content item.