• A rubric inserted in the Discussions “Assessment” area cannot be viewed in the Grades area.
  • Students cannot see the scored rubric in Discussions.
  • Students can only be see the *unscored* rubric in Discussions, just above the Topic title.
  • Overall, inserting a rubric in the Discussions area under “Assessment” is not recommended.
  • Rubrics can be linked to multiple grade items.

To assess discussions using a rubric, we recommend:

  • adding “Rubrics” to your navigation bar so that students can see the rubric, and
  • placing the rubric in your linked grade item in the D2L gradebook.

Here’s how to use rubrics to assess Discussion posts:

Add Rubric to Grade Item

1. Click on [Grades] in the navigation bar.

2. Click on [Manage Grades].

3. Click on the name of the grade item for your discussion assignment.

4. Under grading, click [Add Rubric].







5. Select the Rubric from the list, and click [Add Selected].

6.  Click [Save].

Link Discussion Topic to Grade Item

7.  Click [Discussions] in the main navigation bar.

8.  Find the Topic you wish to assess. Beside the title of the Topic, click the [small inverted triangle] to reveal the dropdown menu.

9.  Click [Edit Topic] in the dropdown menu.

10. Click the [Assessment] tab.

11. Click the dropdown menu under “Grade Item” to select the appropriate grade item to be linked to the Topic.


12. Type the number of possible points in the “Score out of” field.

13. Click [Save and Close].

Assess Discussion Posts and Enter Grade

14. Click [Grades] in the main navigation bar.

15. Click on the small inverted triangle beside the appropriate grade item.

16. Choose [Grade All] in the dropdown menu.


17. Click the colorful icon in the [Submission] column to read any student’s aggregated posts in the linked Topic.

18. Click the yellow ruler icon under the [Assessment] column to score the rubric.

19. Manually enter the score into the [Grade] column — scoring the rubric will NOT automatically enter the grade.

20. You may choose to leave comments in the [Feedback] column.

After you score the rubrics, students will be able to view them when they go into their gradebook.