In order to set up an existing discussion topic to be graded in the Discussions area:

  1. Click the “Edit Topic” option from the drop-down menu to the right of the discussion topic to set up assessments for that topic.
  2. Click the Assessment tab.
  3. Select a grade item (if one exists) from the drop-down menu. Input the points value of the item in the “Score Out of” box.  (Optional: If you are using rubrics to assess posts, please visit this post for help on adding the rubric to the gradebook. It is not recommended that you add a rubric here in the Discussions area because student will be unable to view it in Discussions.)
  4. Click “Save and Close.” 
After you save this topic, you should see an “Assess Topic” icon in the drop-down menu next to the title of each discussion topic. Clicking on this icon will allow you to enter the score and provide feedback.
D2L 10.6, September 2017