In D2L, you can add a Quicklink to other tools within your course site.

For example:

From the D2L [News] area, I could use a Quicklink which will allow my students to click on the link and be redirected to a specific tool in the D2L course. This will save the students in your class time. Rather than making the student read the News announcement and then click into the Dropbox folder in the navigation area of D2L, and search through the folders to find the correct Dropbox, the student simply needs to click on the Quicklink.

1) Click on the inverted triangle to the right of [News] and select [New News Item].

2) Click on the Quicklink icon (paperclip with an asterisk) in the Content HTML editor field.



3) [Select] the specific tool to be added as a Quicklink:



4) [Click] on the name of the folder in the Dropbox popup you would like to send the students to in your course:



5) A Quicklink to the Dropbox folder will appear in the HTML Editor field.




6) Once the News item is posted in the D2L course site, students can [click] on the title of the Quicklink (Research Articles) and be redirected to the Dropbox folder (Research Articles Dropbox folder).


D2L v10.3,  May 2014