This tutorial will show an Instructor how to access a student’s Quiz Event Log.  A Quiz Event Log will show all student’s work, including time/date stamps for: quiz entry, saved questions, page saves, quiz submission, and quiz completion.  The Quiz Event Log will display all quiz information regardless of how the student accessed the quiz.  This means that if a student accessed the quiz using a mobile device, or using the browsers “Incognito” feature, all quiz information will be displayed in the Quiz Event Log.

1.  Click [Quizzes] in the course navigation bar.

2.  Find the quiz in the Quiz List and click the inverted triangle to the right of the quiz name. Select the [Grade] icon — the yellow ruler with green checkmark.



3.  Click the “attempt” link under the specific student’s name.

4.  Click the [Quizzes Event Log] link.

5.  View the event log for this student’s quiz attempt in the pop-up window.

D2L, V10.3   May 2014