When I use the Role Switch or “preview” function in the Dropbox and Quizzes, I don’t see the submissions when I switch back to my role as an Instructor!


Although the Role Switch and the “preview” links in various tools are both designed to show an instructor what an “average” student SEES … it does not fully mimic what a student DOES.

Neither Role Switch nor “preview” is actually associated with a real USER or real student in the D2L database — so operations you perform in these “student view” roles do not have the same effect as when a real USER or real student performs them.

In other words, since there is no real user attached to the ‘Role Switch’ or’ preview’, there is no place for the instructor to *see* a quiz attempt or a file submitted to a Dropbox folder.

(The Role Switch student will also not be able to see restricted Discussions!)

A special note about Grades:

Using ‘Role Switch’, the instructor will be unable to see anything in Grades, since there is neither grade data nor an actual user associated with this view.

To see a *particular* student’s view of their own Grades, click on the name of the student in the Enter Grades area, then click on ‘Preview’ from the dropdown menu next to his/her name.

D2L 10.3, May 2014