1. From your Course Home page, click on [Dropbox] on the main navigation bar.

2. Click on [New Folder].
3. Type a name for the folder in the [Name] text box.

4. Choose “Individual submission folder” if students will submit files only to the
instructor.  Choose “Group submission folder” if students need to see each other’s
submissions for group work. (This selection cannot be changed later.)

OPTIONAL: Link the Dropbox to the D2L Grades area, if desired, by choosing a grade
item from the dropdown menu, or create a new one.

OPTIONAL: Enter the total number of points a student can earn for the assignment
in the [Out Of] text box
OPTIONAL: [Add Rubric] to associate the Dropbox folder with a D2L rubric.

OPTIONAL: Enter submission guidelines or other information in the [Instructions] text box, if desired.
OPTIONAL:  Under submission options you may click “Show Submission Options” to change the number of files allowed per submission and whether multiple submissions are kept, overwritten, or you would like to limit submissions to only one.


5. Click on [Save]

• To set date and time restrictions for student submissions, click the [Restrictions] tab



D2L 10.3 May 2014