1. From your D2L Course Home page, click on [Discussions] in the main navigation bar.
2. Click [New] to reveal the dropdown menu.
3. Select [Forum].
4. Type the title of your forum.
5. Click the checkbox beside “Create a new topic in this forum with the same title.”
6. OPTIONAL: By default, the forum is “always visible” to students.  You can choose “Hide this
forum” to make it invisible to students, or you can set a [start date] and/or [end
date] to control its visibility. For this option, be sure to click the circle that indicates “forum is visible for a specific date range”.
7. Click on [Save].
Note: To see the new forum and topic, click on [Discussions] in the main navigation bar.
The new forum will be at the bottom of the list, if other forums already exist in the
course site.

D2L 10.0 – July 2012