1. From the D2L Course Home page, click on [Quizzes] in the main navigation bar

2. Click on the title of the quiz

3. Click on the [Restrictions] tab

  • Scroll down the page to “Timing”.
  • Set a time limit for your quiz.  Note: For an “objective” quiz, a time limit of 45 seconds to  1 minute per question is recommended by the literature.
  • Select Enforced”     Note: Quiz attempts submitted after the time limit + the grace period will be flagged as “late.”
  • Change [Grace period] to 1 minute    Note: Quizzes submitted after the time limit + the grace period will be flagged as “late.”
  • Under “Late Submissions,” the default is “Allow normal submission.”  We recommend the default.
    • Note: This means users can always submit their quiz, regardless of time limits. If the quiz is submitted after the Time Limit no points are automatically deducted.  However, a notation will appear in the quiz grading area of the actual time taken to complete the quiz, so the instructor can manually deduct points, if appropriate.
  • Click [Save and Close].


NOTE: If a quiz has a time limit, once the student clicks [Start Quiz], the time continues until the quiz is submitted.  If a student starts a quiz, saves their responses, and exits the quiz without submitting, the clock is still ticking.


Other “Late Submissions” options – NOT RECOMMENDED – use only with CAUTION:

  • “Use Late Limit” ‐ If you select this option, you must enter a number of minutes for the “late limit.”  Users are given a grade of ZERO if they submit the quiz after the time limit + grace period + late limit period.
  • “Auto‐Submit Attempt” – Please read the following cautions and notes thoroughly prior to selecting this option!
    • Quizzes are NOT submitted automatically.  The student must click “Submit” to complete the quiz submission process.
    • The “enforced” checkbox must be selected.
    • Most importantly:   Any questions the student has not SAVED prior to the expiration of the time limit ‐‐ even if they have been answered ‐‐ will not be recorded in D2L when the student submits the quiz attempt.  Students must SAVE their answers before the time limit expires.
    • If you believe you must choose this option, please give students clear instructions to save each answer before moving to the next question.


D2L 10.3 June 2014