Linking to a D2L Activity from the Content area (V10.3)

The D2L Content tool uses an outline format which consists of headings (Modules) and links (Topics). Content is created by first adding at least one Module, and then by adding a Topic. A Topic may include an Activity, which links to other parts of your D2L course site (e.g., an existing Discussion Forum/Topic, a Dropbox folder, or a Quiz).

1. Click [Table of Contents].

2. Locate the Module in which you will place the link to a D2L Activity.

3. Click [Add Existing Activities] and [select an activity] from the drop-down menu.

1-content-select an activity

4. For example, if you select [Discussions], you will then have an option to select a particular Discussion Forum and its associated Discussion Topic from a list.

4a. Select the [Discussion Forum].

1-content-add activity

4b. Then, select the associated [Discussion Topic].

1-content-add discussion topic

5. The Discussion Activity now appears in the Content Module.

1-content-discussion activity

In addition to creating a link to a D2L Activity, Topic links may take the student to one of the following (please see additional tutorials on these procedures):

D2L 10.3 – May 2014