The D2L Content tool uses an outline format which consists of headings (Modules) and links (Topics). Content is created by first adding at least one Module, and then by adding a Topic. A Topic may include an Activity, which links to other parts of your D2L course site (e.g., an existing Discussion Forum/Topic, a Dropbox folder, or a Quiz).

1. Click [Table of Contents].

2. Locate the Module in which you will place the link to a D2L Activity.

3. Click [Add Existing Activities] and [select an activity] from the drop-down menu.

1-content-select an activity

4. For example, if you select [Discussions], you will then have an option to select a particular Discussion Forum and its associated Discussion Topic from a list.

4a. Select the [Discussion Forum].

1-content-add activity

4b. Then, select the associated [Discussion Topic].

1-content-add discussion topic

5. The Discussion Activity now appears in the Content Module.

1-content-discussion activity

In addition to creating a link to a D2L Activity, Topic links may take the student to one of the following (please see additional tutorials on these procedures):

D2L 10.3 – May 2014