Using the Audio & Video Panel Quick Reference Guide

The Audio feature allows session Participants to use a microphone and speakers to participate in the audio portion of a web conferencing session. The Video feature enables you to transmit video broadcasts. This is video you send live via a video camera (e.g., web cam) – not to be confused with a pre-recorded video (movie) that you can play using the Multimedia Library.

Using the Audio

Turn on and off the microphone

  • Click the Talk button to turn on the microphone. A microphone icon will appear in the Participants panel, the Talk button will display with a visual indicator and the microphone level slider will move up and down as the volume of your speech changes.
  • Click the button again to turn off the microphone.

Microphone On

Microphone Off

Simultaneous Talkers

The Moderator can enable up to 6 simultaneous talkers in a session. Participants should use headsets with microphones or an echo-cancelling audio device to avoid unwanted echoing of the audio during the session.

1. Click Tools > Audio > Maximum Simultaneous Talkers or select it from the Audio & Video Options menu.

2. Set the slider to the desired number.
3. Click OK


Who is talking?

When the session is enabled for simultaneous talkers, it is important to open the Audio & Video panel so you can identify who is talking. The name of the person who is speaking along with their Profile picture (if they have one) will appear in the panel. The panel automatically switches to follow who is talking.

Using the Video

Steps for using live video

1. Click the Video button to begin transmitting live video. Alternatively, click the Preview button first then when you are satisfied with the preview image, click Video.
2. To Resize or Expand the video window, select Detach Panel from the Audio & Video Options menu.
3. The window is now free floating. It can be moved anywhere on the screen or even to a second monitor. It can also be resized by grabbing the top, bottom or any corner and dragging.

4. To stop the video transmission, click the Video button.

Viewing Video with Multiple Simultaneous Cameras

The Moderator can configure the session for up to 6 simultaneous cameras by selecting Maximum Simultaneous Cameras… from the Audio & Video Options menu. The Moderator has two options for controlling the image that will be displayed in the top larger portion of the window. They are selected from the Audio & Video Options menu.

  • Make Video Follow Moderator Focus – the Moderator can click on any video image and move it to the main window
  • Make Video Follow Speaker – the image in the main window will be that of the person speaking.


  • For best audio, use a USB headset.
  • Learn to facilitate the session with one talker before expanding the option to more. Work your way up to a session with six simultaneous talkers.
  • To stop viewing the transmitted video, minimize the Audio & Video window by clicking the Expand/Collapse button