It is a quick and easy process to make copies of Discussion Forums and Topics in your D2L course site. If during the copy process, you would also like to copy previous message threads that have been posted to a Topic, please scroll down this page to the “Pinning Message Threads in Discussion Topics” section prior to copying the Forum/Topic.

Copy Forums and Topics

1. From your D2L course site, click [Discussions].

2. Click [More Actions] and select [Copy] from the drop-down menu.

3. Click [Copy a Forum].

1-discussions-copy a forum

4. Pull down the drop-down below [Forum to Copy] and select the Forum you’d like to copy.

1 discussions-copy a forum

5. Re-name the Forum by entering the title in the [New Forum title] input box. 

Note: All Topics associated with the Forum will be copied if the [Copy topics] option is checked. [Copy pinned threads] will copy all message threads that have been pinned to a Topic. See “Pinning Message Threads in Discussion Topics” below for more instructions on how to pin threads.

1-discussion copy options

6. Click [Copy].

Pinning Message Threads in Discussion Topics

When copying Forums/Topics, it is possible to copy over messages that were previously posted to a Topic. Below are instructions on how to pin a message thread.

1. Go to [Discussions].

2. Click on a [Topic] to enter it.

3. Click the [inverted black arrow] next to the subject line of any message and select [Pin Thread].

1 discussion-pin thread


4. Repeat these steps for each message thread you want to pin. Finally, proceed to the steps above under “Copy Forums and Topics.”

D2L 10.3 – April 2014