This tutorial will show you how to upload and resize an image using D2L’s HTML Editor. D2L’s HTML Editor can be found in a number of D2L tools, including, News, Content, Discussions, Quizzes, Dropbox, and ePortfolio.

Step #1


Navigate to the D2L tool in whcih you’d like to add an image. For this tutorial, we are using the Content area, but the HTML Editor will look consistant in all tools.

  1. In the HTML Editor, click the [Insert Stuff] button (small icon that looks like a play, stop, rewind, and fast forward button).

Step #2

  1. To upload your image file to D2L, click [My Computer].
  2. Click the [Browse] button.

Browse to the location on your computer where you have saved your audio file and select the file.

Step #3

  1. Ensure that you’ve picked up the correct files and click [Upload].

Step #4

  1. Enter [Link Text] and [Alternate Text]. This can be the same text as the Topic Title.
  2. Ensure that the box in front of [Lock aspect ratio] is checked. This will keep your image height and width proportional.
  3. If your image has a horizontal orientation, enter a number in the [Width] box. It is recommended that horizontal images your images are NO WIDER than 900px.  If your image has a vertical orientation, enter a number in the [Height] box.  It is recommended that vertical images are NO TALLER than 750px.  Because you’ve checked the [Lock aspect ratio], you do not need to enter a number in the other box. D2L will automatically size the height appropriately.
  4. Click [Refresh Preview] to see how your resized image will look in D2L. If you want it larger or smaller, type a larger or smaller number in the [Width] box.
  5. When you’re satisfied with the size, click [Insert].


Step #5

  1. Once you return to the HTML Editor, you can add additional text to the [Message], if desired.
  2. Finalize your message by clicking [Publish] (in Content), or the appropriate button for the D2L tool you are using.