We recently discovered a circumstance which circumvents the D2L User Progress logging, and gives this type of inaccurate reporting.

Bulk Download

If a student chooses to bulk *Download* all Content items from the Table of Contents or at the top level of a Module, the User Progress shows as if they have not accessed the items at all.

1-content bulk download

Downloading a file to view outside D2L

If a student chooses to *Download* a Content item from within a Module, the User Progress does not provide accurate tracking on how long they may have accessed the item.

For example: an external link to a video that is opened in a new window/tab or can be downloaded, rather than a video that opens up directly in D2L, doesn’t track how long the video was viewed. D2L  records that the Topic was visited but may not accurately record the student’s activity in the length of time that the content was actually viewed.

Note: A YouTube video inserted into an HTML webpage may be viewed directly in the Content viewer and will more accurately record the time spent watching it.

External links and file types

As students navigate through the Content viewer, Topics that cannot be viewed in-place (e.g., a file that must be downloaded or a website that only opens in a new window/tab), will now register that a student has visited the Topic. However, as noted above, the actual time spent on an activity outside of the Content viewer may not be fully accurate.

D2L 10.3 – April 2014