What if you need to give student time and a half?  What if a student was sick and the instructor needs to give them a couple more days to take the quiz?  Follow these steps to give special access to quizzes for students when your quiz is already set up:

  1. For each of the quizzes that you need to allow students special access, click the triangle next to the quiz name and select Edit from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the Restrictions tab.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Restrictions page until you see a heading that reads “Advanced Availability.”
  4. Make sure that “Allow selected users special access to this quiz” under the heading is checked.
  5. Click on “Add Users to Special Access.”
  6. On this screen, you should see a heading that reads “Special Access Properties.” Under this heading, you can adjust start dates, end dates, and time limits for the student.  To change time limits for students, select an option other than “No changes” and enter the updated length in the resulting textbox.
  7. Scroll down the page to Users. In the class roster under this heading, place a checkmark next to one or more students for whom you will provide special access with the selected dates, times and other conditions for the quiz.
  8. Click the “Add Special Access” button on the bottom left of the screen to save the changes.  You will now see a gold key icon next to the quiz in the Quizzes section.
  9. You can create different special access conditions to meet the needs of different students by clicking “Add Users to Special Access” and selecting a student or students to whom the particular conditions you set will apply.
  10. FYI: You can always edit access for students that are visible under the “Add users to special access” button by clicking on the pencil icon by their names.

Note: If a student has a quiz attempt in progress (one that has not been submitted) for whatever reason, and the end date for the quiz has passed, you may allow them to re-enter that same attempt at a later date by granting special access to them by using the steps above.  They will have the same time remaining as when they initially exited the attempt, so you may need to grant additional time to the total time limit (as shown in Step 6), depending on circumstances.


D2L 10.7, May 2018