Follow these instructions if you created an objective (multiple choice, true/false, etc.) quiz or exam in D2L , and you also created a grade item (or have a pre-existing one) for the quiz/exam, but you did not originally link the quiz/exam scores to the grade item in Grades.

1. Click on Quizzes.

2. Click the title of the quiz you want to link to the gradebook.

3. Click on the Assessment tab.  Select name of the grade item from the drop-down menu under “Grade item.”  Then make sure that the boxes beside “Auto Export to Grades” and “Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion” are checked.

4. Click “Save and Close.”

Note: If the quiz has ended, and all students have submitted completed quiz attempts, continue with Step 5.

5. Click the Grade link (yellow ruler and checkmark icon) from the drop-down menu next to the quiz.

6. On the Users tab, be sure you’re seeing all the students in your class. If not, click the “per page” drop-down arrow above the list of students and select the number that accommodates your class size.  If your class is larger than the maximum allowed, you’ll need to do the following steps for each page of students.

  • Click the icon to the left of Published in the gray header bar — this will add checkmarks in the final column for each student.
  • Click “Save and Close.”
  • Check the gradebook; you should see the quiz scores in the grade item column.

Note: If you change the scoring for a quiz or exam that is already linked to a grade item (e.g., because you corrected a mis-keyed question), you will also need to update quiz scores.   In this case, follow Steps 1-6.  At Step 6, you should see checkmarks already next to the students’ names.  Click the Published icon to remove these checkmarks and then click Save; this removes old scores from the gradebook.  Then click the Published icon to place new checkmarks next to student names and click “Save and Close” to make the corrected scores transfer to the grade item.

7. Check the grade item in the gradebook to confirm that the grades are there.

D2L 10.7, June 2017