Aside from copying and pasting from that screen to a word document, D2L doesn’t offer a way to actually export group lists into any particular file type. However, you can save the group list as a PDF file which will allow you to keep a record of just the group list.

(1) Rather than go into [Groups], go into [Classlist].

(2) Once you are in [Classlist], where it says “View By,” click on [Users] and change it to [Groups].

(3) You will now see a section entitled “Groups.”  You can view the different groups by selecting the drop-down arrow.  Once you’ve found the desired group, select [Apply Filter].

(4) Select all the students in the group, and then click on the [Print] icon.  A pop-up window will appear.  This will allow you to print the group list rather than the entire class list.

Note: You should have the option to “print” the list as a PDF file. This way you can keep a copy on your computer as well as printing one off in hardcopy.

D2L 10.3 – June 2014