The D2L HTML editor appears in several area in D2L, typically as [Content] or [Description]. You will see it when you create content topics, custom instructions for dropbox folders, ePortfolio artifacts, and edit discussion topics. One of its many features is that it allows for you to copy and paste text from another application, such as Word, into the editor.

1. Highlight text from another application, such as Word, and use the keyboard command [Ctrl+C] or [Command+C] to copy the text.

2. In the D2L HTML editor, click the [Clipboard] icon and select one of the [Paste] options:

  • Paste as Plain Text pastes content from the clipboard in plain text.
  • Paste from Word pastes content from the clipboard with Word formatting.

Note to Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) users: In Firefox and some versions of IE (7 and 8), the Paste from Word functionality may not work. A pop-up window will appear, but there is no way to paste into the text box. The keyboard command [Ctrl+V] will allow you to paste from Word.


1-discussions paste from word

3. Place the cursor in the text box and  use the keyboard command [Ctrl+V] or [Command+V] to paste the text into the window. Click [Update].

1-discussions use ctrl v

4. Click [Save and Close].

Users may perform the Cut/Copy/Paste operations by using the following keyboard commands:

PC Commands

  • CUT = [Ctrl+X]
  • COPY = [Ctrl+C]
  • PASTE = [Ctrl+V]

MAC Commands

  • CUT = [Command+X]
  • COPY = [Command+C]
  • PASTE = [Command+V]


D2L 10.3 – April 2014