The D2L Content tool uses an outline format which consists of non-clickable headings (called Modules) and clickable links to files (called Topics). Course content is created by first adding at least one Module, and then by adding a Topic link in one of the ways described below.

Note: In addition to linking to a file, topic link may take the student to one of the following (please see additional tutorials on these procedures):

Create a Module

Option #1 – If you have already created the Module in which you would like to place your file, click [Table of Contents] and select the Module title from the list of Modules.

Option #2 – If you need to create a new Module in which you will place your file, click [Add a module…]. Provide a title for the Module.

5 content-add a module

1. Under the module in which you will place your file, click the [New] button and select [Upload Files].

5 content-new upload button

2. To browse for a file located on your computer, click the [Upload] button.

5 content-browse for file

3. Browse to the location on your computer where you have saved your file and select the file. Click [Open].

5 content-browse

4. Click [Add].

5. Your file will appear with the file name as the Topic title.

5 content-Topic file

6. To change the name of the Topic, click the inverted black triangle and select [Edit Properties In-place].

5 content-edit properties in place

7. Click into the gray title box.

5 content-click gray title

8. Enter the new title and click outside the box to confirm your edit.

D2L 10.3 – April 2014