Prior to participating in a session you should ensure that your audio is configured correctly. Basic audio settings can be configured using the Audio Setup Wizard.


Using the Audio Setup Wizard

1. Click [Tools] > [Audio] > [Audio Setup Wizard…]

2. Select the [Audio Output Device]. The choices will depend on your particular operating system. If you are using a USB device, plug it in and then wait a few seconds for the system to recognize it. Then click the [Refresh] button and select the device. Then click [Okay].

3. Listen to the prerecorded audio message by clicking the [Play] button. Adjust your audio to a comfortable listening level by moving the speaker slider bar.

4. Confirm you were able to hear the audio by clicking the [Yes] button.

5. Select your [Audio Input Device]. This is the microphone you use to send your audio to others during the session. If you are using a USB microphone, plug it in, wait a few seconds, and then click the [Refresh] button. Select the device and click [OK].

6. Test your microphone by click the [Record] button and speak into the microphone with your normal speaking voice. Adjust the microphone slider bar so that it displays green bars with an occasional yellow bar. Red indicates that your audio is too loud or your microphone is too close to your mouth.

7. Click the [Play] button to listen to your recorded voice.

8. Confirm you were able to hear your recorded voice. Click [Ok].




1. When using audio communication, participants should access Online Rooms through a high-speed internet connection. If delays occur or the audio breaks up, participants should also be hardwired connection, meaning they must connect their computer to the internet using an Ethernet cable.

2. When using audio communication, a microphone headset is recommended.  The microphone headset is used to achieve consistent quality audio and prevent echoing.

If a participant is using the built-in microphone on their laptop, then they MUST use a pair of headphone to listen to the session. The headphones should to be connected to the audio port in the laptop (usually indicated by an icon that looks like a pair of headphones) which will disable the sound from coming out of the laptop speakers and prevent echoing audio.

If participants are using a computer without a built-in microphone, They MUST use a microphone headset (preferably with a USB connection).  A noise-cancelling USB connected microphone headset is recommended for using audio communication in Online Rooms. One can be purchase from, here:

3. Use the Audio Setup Wizard before each session begins.