Online Rooms is the name of the web-based collaboration tool available in D2L. Online Rooms offers several features which will allows instructors and students opportunities to collaborate online, including: broadcasting of voice, presentation (PowerPoint) sharing, whiteboard, screen and web sharing, file sharing, and polling.

This helpsheet will outline the steps needed to setup a new [Online Room]. For help in determining the best way to use Online Rooms in your course, please contact the Learning Technology Center at We have many years of experience working with instructors and using virtual meeting rooms in our own courses. We can help you setup Online Rooms effectively to meet your teaching goals.

1. Once you are in D2L, click on the [Instructor] tab. Select your D2L course site.

2. Once in your D2L course site, click on [Online Rooms].

3. To create a new online room, click [New Room].

4. Name the Online Room.

5. Under “Availability” set a [Start Date and Time]. This may be [Now] or a date in the future.

6. Set an [End Date]. Depending on the purpose of the room, this could be a short term or it could be set to allow access for the entire semester. (Again, please contact the Learning Technology Center ( for help setting up Online Rooms to meet your needs).

7. Under “Advanced Properties” click [Show Room Restrictions].

Note RegardingSetting Advanced Properties: Each one of these settings is useful in unique pedagogical situations. The Learning Technology Center ( can help you make decisions which will best meet your needs.

  • To setup Online Rooms for student group projects:
  • Check “All attendees join as Moderators.”Under “Archive Mode” click the down arrow to select “Automatic.”
  • To setup Online Rooms for exam reviews:
  • Check “Attendees raise their hand on entry.”
  • If you would like students to be able to use audio and whiteboard check “Participants have unrestricted access to resources.”
  • Check “Moderators can view all private chats.”

8. Under “Attendees” click the [Add Attendees] button.

9. Click the names of the students or the groups you want to add to your online rooms session.

10. Click the [Add] button

11. Click [Save].

12. To enter your online room, return to the [Online Rooms] area and click the blue “Join” link. Note: You may get a pop-up and need to allow Blackboard Collaborate to launch. Also, Blackboard Collaborate will not work in Chrome—it is best to use Firefox.

13. When entering your online room, you will be prompted to open a “meeting.jnpl” file. Depending on the browser you are using, ensure that [Open with] is selected and click [OK]. Your browser may prompt you to select “Run” and then ask you if you would like agree to their terms. Click “Accept” to enter the room.

14.  Blackboard Collaborate will begin to open and will appear in a new window.

D2L 10.0–July 2012