Creating a basic quiz in D2L – First Steps

This tutorial sets up the properties of your quiz (quiz name, point value and weight, category, whether the quiz is a bonus item (for extra credit), how the score will be handled in the gradebook, etc.)Instructions for creating questions in your quiz and for setting the times of availability, number of attempts, and other options are among many other short tutorials available in this blog.  To access these tutorials, simply type Quizzes into the search box above.  Let’s begin:

  1. From your D2L Course Home page, click on [Quizzes] the main navigation bar.
  2. Click on [New Quiz].  You will be in the Propertiestab.
  3. Type the quiz name in the “Name” text box.
  4. In this “New Quiz” screen, you can put your new quiz in an existing category or into a new category.  This allows you to organize quizzes by type or purpose (e.g., pre-quizzes, post-quizzes, exams, etc.).
  5. If  the quiz score is to be automatically sent to the D2L Gradebook, link the quiz to the gradebook by clicking on the “Assessment” tab, and then selecting an existing grade item from the dropdown menu under “Grade Item” or choose to create a new grade item.
  6. To create a new grade item, click [add grade item] and fill in the information in the “New Grade Item” screen that appears:
    • Enter a “Name” for the grade item -this can be the same name as that of the Quiz.
    • If this quiz is one of several in a grading category, click the dropdown arrow under “Category” and select the existing grade category.
    • Enter “Max. Points” (e.g, 10) for a points gradebook.
    • If you have a weighted gradebook you have to input your decisions on distribution. If you opted to distribute the weight evenly for quizzes in this category, you should no longer be able to enter a weight for the quiz.  Otherwise, if each quiz in the category is worth a different percentage of the category, you can enter the weight for this quiz in the box under “Weight.”   Note: the weight in this case is not the percent of the final grade, but rather, the percent of the grade category to which the quiz belongs.  The total weight of all quizzes must add up to 100% of the category, or you will see an error message in the Manage Grades area of the Gradebook.
    • If you might award a student more than the max. points for the quiz, place a checkmark in the box under “Can Exceed.”
    • If this quiz is an extra credit assessment, place a checkmark in the box under “Bonus.”
    • Since rubrics are rarely used for quizzes and exams, skip “Rubrics” for now.
    • Leave the remaining options on this screen as their defaults.
    • Click [Save].  You will be returned to the “New Quiz” screen.
       7.  In the “New Quiz” screen, select “Allow Automatic Export to Grades.”
       8. Under “Optional advanced properties” click [Expand optional advanced properties] and
            select  “Disable right-click” to prevent students from browsing the internet while taking the
            quiz.  Otherwise leave all other options as their defaults.
      9. Click [Save and Close] at the bottom of the screen.


  • The “Category” in the “New Grade Item” screen groups assessment scores in the gradebook, and DOES NOT organize the list of quizzes itself (see #4, above).
  • If you are editing an existing quiz, you will see an “Edit Quiz” screen rather than the “New Quiz” screen.


D2L 10.3 – June 2014