To hide a Content Module or Topic from students’ view, choose [Draft]. To reveal the Content to students, choose [Published].

1. From the D2L Course Home page, click [Content] on the main navigation bar.

2. Click on [Table of Contents], and select [Bulk Edit].

2 content-bulk edit

3. Under the title of the Module or Topic, click to select [Draft] (to hide it from students) or [Published] (to show it to students).

2 content-bulk edit publish

4. You may also set restrictions on Modules and Topics by clicking [Add Dates and Restrictions].

2 content-add restrictions

5. In the [Restrictions] area, you may choose to set “Start,” “End,” and “Due” dates. You may also create and attach Release Conditions for each Content Module or Topic. To create a NEW conditionclick [Create]. If you have already created conditions, click [Browse].

2 content-restrictions

To create conditions for D2L content follow the above steps plus:

6. Select Condition Type and Topic from the drop down boxes and click [Create].

2 content-release condition

7. In the drop-down box, choose either (a) [All conditions must be met] or (b) [Any condition must be met]Note: Choosing (a) means that the user must complete all of the conditions you create in order to view the selected module/topic. Choosing (b) means that the user only  has to complete one of the conditions if multiple conditions are given.

2 content-release condition set

8. When you have finished creating the conditions, click [Update].

9. Click [Done Editing] to apply all changes.

2 content-done editing

Note: The steps in which you create new conditions depends upon the type of condition you create. Search for more steps in the LTC blog for specific directions according to the type of condition you wish to create (e.g., Students cannot view certain documents unless they make at least an 80% on a Syllabus Quiz).

D2L 10.3 – April 2014