A Fake Student account can be created for instructors to allow viewing of D2L course sites from the perspective of a student. With a Fake Student account instructors would be able to view portions of the D2L site, like Online Rooms, Quizzes, Dropbox, and Discussions, in the same way that students see them.

To have a unique Fake Student account created, instructors should submit a request using the D2L Course Request Form. Instructors can choose the option, “Request an instructor test user.” The Fake Student account would be available within 3-5 business days.


After an instructor’s unique Fake Student account is created, he or she can enroll the account in his or her course site using instructions for adding participants manually.


To log into the Fake Student account, choose the Non ePanther black button on the D2L Login website (d2l.uwm.edu). Once logged in, access to course sites will be available from a student’s perspective, giving access to all parts of the course site to which students have access.

Please note: instructors should make sure to keep the password for Fake Student accounts confidential.