Important: When downloading or saving student submissions, it is imperative to maintain the privacy of student records, which should be saved on campus-housed, password-protected network storage rather than on local hard drives or portable storage devices. Questions about how long student records may be retained should be discussed with the UWM Records Officer.

There are several different methods for downloading files from the dropbox.  Please choose the method that best suits your needs.

Method 1

 Click the gray “download” button on the “Evaluate Submission” page


Method 2

Click the box at the top of the list of students to select them all, or click to the left of the student’s name, then click the green “download” button




  1.  From your Course Home page, click on [Dropbox] in the main navigation bar.
  2. Click on the name of the appropriate drop box folder.
  3. To select all files in the folder, click the box at the top of the list of students (next to download)–or–click the box beside the names of the student(s) whose files you wish to download.
  4. Click [Download] to download selected files.
  5. In the popup window click on the [blue hotlink] and it will download to your computer (note: if you’re using Firefox it may ask you to “Save As” to your computer). 
  6. Navigate to your “Downloads” folder (or to where you had saved the folder) to access student submissions.

NOTE: Additional benefit when following the above procedure!

  • When any or all files in a D2L Dropbox are selected for download, they come out as a zip file. When the individual file (or files) are extracted, the filenames will begin with students’ last, then first name. You can also open the documents, track changes, insert comments, or leave students messages before uploading them back to D2L. 
  • On the other hand, if you download the document from the document viewer the file retains the name given by the student. If many students have uploaded files called “Assignment 1” it will be impossible to determine which belongs to which student … so we don’t recommend doing this!


Method 3

Click the tiny inverted triangle beside the file name on the “Evaluate Submission” page, and select “Download”



D2L 10.3 – Oct 2014