What do I need to tell my students about their dropbox submissions?

Most important, when your students submit their work they must:

1. Click [Dropbox] in your D2L course site

2. Click the [Folder Name]

3. Click [Add a File]

4. Click [Upload] to browse for their file (note: students may also select items from their locker or ePortfolio)

5. Browse to find their file and double click the name

6. Click [Add]

7. Click [Submit]

Please note that if a student does not click [Submit] it will not be submitted successfully. After a successful submission students will receive a confirmation email.

Students should also use a file format (e.g., Word) that you have specifically prescribed, so that you will be able to read their submissions when you download them.

Finally, it is imperative that students not use any odd characters  (e.g., ampersand, apostrophe, pound sign, exclamation mark, etc.) in the filename, since this can make it harder to download. Do not use more than one “.” in your filenames! In summary, filenames should include only the normal letters of the English alphabet, in addition to spaces, dashes, or underscores.

D2L 10.3 June 2014