It is possible to set up a quiz with one or more questions are extra credit questions, in which the final score can exceed the basic point value of the quiz.  This tutorial assumes that you can create a D2L quiz, or have already done so.  The method for allowing bonus questions in a D2L quiz varies depending upon you are using a Weighted or Points Gradebook.  Here are the strategies:

A. For a POINTS Gradebook, it is not necessary to mark any specific quiz questions as “bonus.”  The Instructor can simply add additional quiz questions to the quiz, but set the [Maximum Points] in the Grade Item to be the number of point EXCLUDING the bonus question.  For example, a 10-point quiz with one bonus question would be entered with a [Maximum Points] of 10 in the Grade Item.  IMPORTANT: the Instructor must also check the box next to [Can Exceed] in the Grade Item, as well.  Finally, if the quiz Grade Item is in a Gradebook category then that Category MUST NOT be marked to [distribute points evenly].  This will allow the grade points to be exported from the quiz into the gradebook accurately, so that the grade item exceeds allotted points.  For example, for a 11 question-10 point quiz, answering all questions correctly would earn 11/10 points, with a percent score of 110%.

B. For a WEIGHTED Gradebook, the instructor must mark individual questions in the quiz itself as bonus.   Note that one or more specific questions  must be identified as bonus; it is not possible to create a quiz in which any one question becomes a bonus question.  Here is how to designate one or more questions  to be a bonus, or extra credit question in an existing quiz that is already linked to the D2L Gradebook (the following instructions do not apply to Random Quizzes/Exams).

1. Click on [Quizzes] and then on the appropriate quiz.
2. Under Quiz Questions, click [Edit Values]. 
3. Place a checkmark under the Bonus column to designate any extra credit questions.
4. In the [Assesment] tab, click [Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion] (#1 below) .  If you have not linked this quiz to a grade item, do so: click on [(Add a Grade item)]  (#2 below) and follow the prompts to create the grade item.
5. Click [Save and Close].

6.. In the New Grade Item Window, name the grade item (below left), assign the appropriate points and weight to the grade item, and place a  checkmark next to [Can Exceed] (see below).  DO NOT place a checkmark under Bonus – this will make the entire quiz a bonus quiz.  If you have already linked the quiz to a grade item, click [Grades] and then [Manage Grades] and click to edit the grade item for your quiz.  You will get the Edit Item window (below right) where you can make the same choices.


5. Click [Save] (left) or [Save and Close] (right).

When you are done, a student with 10 correct responses would score10/11 and show 100% in an 11-question quiz. A student with 11 correct responses would score 11/10 points and 110%

D2L v. 10.3  04-02-2014


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