After creating a quiz or exam in D2L, you can preview the quiz to see how it will look to students, and you can even take the quiz yourself.  Her’s how:

1. From the D2L Course Home page, click on [Quizzes] in the main navigation bar.

2. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the quiz you want to see and select [Preview].

3.  Click on [Start Quiz!] at the bottom of the screen and then click OK in the Confirmation window that appears. 

4. You can browse through all of the questions in your quiz and even take the quiz yourself.  To take your quiz,

  • Select or enter answers and click [Save] after each question.
  • Click on [Go to Submit Quiz], then [Submit Quiz].
  • Click [Yes] in the popup window to simulate the student submission experience.
  • Click on [Exit Preview] to return to the Quiz List.  Note that neither the quiz nor the score achieved are saved when you take the quiz in the preview mode .

D2L 10.3  04-01-2014