The Learn@UW Question Import tool will make importing questions from your own exams or a publisher’s test bank easier than entering questions into the D2L Quiz or Question Library template by hand.  The best practice is to import questions into the D2L Question Library and to use the library as a test bank, a source of questions to create quizzes.

The key to effective creation of question banks in D2L is making questions choices and correctly formatting the questions before doing the import.  A complete set of instructions for categorizing,  choosing and formatting effective quiz questions (Multiple Choice, True False) necessary to create a question list ready for use with the import tool is at the following link:

Quizzing Strategies – Workshop Handout

The Learn@UW Question Import tool, created by our colleague in Madison, Rich Path (Thank you Rich!) is in the link above, or you can access it directly at:
This link also includes some documentation for formatting other  question types for D2L import.  Documentation for using the Question Import tool is available here.
D2L 10.3  08-19-2014