This tutorial will show you how to make a link to media files uploaded to MediaSpace during the pilot phase. All the videos and audio files that were uploaded to MediaSpace in the past have been migrated to the new D2L integrated system, My Media. This tutorial will show you how to make a new link to these files in any of your course sites using the [Insert Stuff] tool in D2L’s HTML Editor. The MediaSpace video and audio files uploaded during the pilot will remain active through the Spring Semester (2014). After this point, the old embedded media will no longer work and you’ll need to follow the steps in this tutorial to make a new link to the files in My Media. If you have questions or need additonal assistance, please contact Amy Mangrich (

You may consider printing this tutorial and referencing it as you work. A printable PDF version of this tutorial can be found here:

Step #1

  1. Login to D2L at, enter your course site and click [Content].
  2. Identify the video (or audio file) that you’d like to re-link and click the Topic title to view.

Step #2

  1. To the right of the title pull-down the menu and select [Edit].

Step #3

  1. In the HTML Editor, click and highlight the yellow embed box. Click the [Delete] key on your keyboard to delete the embedded media.

Step #4

  1. The HTML Editor window will be empty.
  2. Click the [Insert Stuff] button (looks like play/pause/stop/fast-forward buttons).

Step #5

  1. Click [My Media].
  2. Identify the video/audio file you’d like to re-link. Depending on the number of media files you have uploaded, you may need to run a keyword search.
  3. Click the title of the video/audio file you’d like to re-link.
  4. Click [Next].

Step #6

  1. The media thumbnail will appear in the HTML Editor window.
  2. Click [Insert].

Step #7

  1. When you return to the [Edit HTML File] window, you’ll see the media thumbnail and player.
  2. Click [Update].