Question: After the quiz period is over, I’d like to show the students how they answered the questions. How do I do this?

Answer: Set up one or more quiz Submission Views to be released to students at a specific date and time, and choose the information they will see.

To begin:

  1. Go the the Quizzes area of your course site and click on the quiz you need to edit.
  2. Then click on the Submission Views tab at the top.  You will see a Default View, which students will see as soon as they submit their completed quiz.   Best Practice:  Never change the default submission view.  Simply create a new submission view with the date and time it is to become visible to students.  At those times, the added submission view trumps the default view!

To create a new submission view:

  1. Click [Add Additional View] and get the screen shown below.
  2. Type a [Name] for the Submission View.
  3. This Submission View is only available to students after the date and time that you select.
  4. Make choices from the options available. In the Submission View below, students will see each question with their responses, but neither the correct nor incorrect answers.   Students will also see their score on each question, and their overall score for the Quiz.   To show a full key, simply put a check in the [Show Question Answer] box.  To show students only the questions they answered either incorrectly or correctly, click on the appropriate radio button.
  5. Under View Restrictions, set an appropriate date and time for when your new Submission View is to replace the Default View. .  Thus if you are providing an answer key, you would select [Show question answers] and enter a date after the quiz period is over.
  6. When you are done making your selections, click [Save and Close] at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: It is possible to add more than one additional Submission View.  For example, at first you may want to show students the questions they answered incorrectly, and only later show them a full key.  Create both submission views, making the appropriate selections of what to show the students, and then choosing each different submission view to appear at its unique date and time.  Students will see new submission views replace the default view and other submission views in the order of the dates and times you select.

D2L 10.3 March 2014