• Only certain D2L Roles can use Role Switch.
  • Role Switch is only available from within a course site (not on MyHome).
  • Using Role Switch will initially redirect you to the Course Home page, regardless of where you were in the course when you switched your role.
  • Known issue:
    • Role Switch will not function properly if there is a broken link (to URL or image) on the Course Home page (e.g., in a News item).
      • When the instructor clicks on the dropdown arrow next to her profile name and selects [View as Student], the instructor’s name accurately shows that she is viewing “as Student.” However, when the instructor (or admin impersonating the instructor) clicks on any link in the Navigation bar, the instructor’s name in the minibar drops the “as Student” designation, and the view is automatically bounced back to Instructor role.
      • FIX: Remove or repair the broken link to return Role Switch to normal functionality.

Switch your role

1.  Click the [tiny triangle] beside your name on the minibar.Picture of the D2L navigation bar, including mini bar.

Do one of the following:

  • Click [Change] to select a temporary role from the list that appears.

— or —

    • Click [View as (role)]. This option defaults to the highest role that you have permission to switch to and will remember your last choice.

End a role switch

  1. Click the [tiny triangle] beside your name on the minibar.
  2. Click the  [Stop viewing as (role)] icon.

v10.3 June 2014