Browsers have security features in place that block what it considers insecure content.  In some situations, these security features cause issues with playing video content.  Many videos use Adobe Flash to play the video inside your browser so if you don’t have Flash Player installed, or it needs to be updated, you may have problems watching videos in D2L.  On rare occasions Firefox has not enabled the Flash Player on the browser, causing further issues.

This tutorial will walk through several troubleshooting steps to help eliminate issues viewing videos in D2L.


You MUST use Firefox or Chrome as your browsers when accessing D2L and especially when playing videos. Issues are more likely to occur if you are using Internet Explorer or Safari.

If you are using either Firefox or Chrome and still cannot play the video, complete the following steps:

Step 1:

Check to make sure you have unblocked insecure content on the browser. Here are two tutorials that demonstrate how to change your browsers settings to allow for insecure content.

If after following the above instructions, you still cannot see the video, complete the following steps:

Step 2:

Ensure that your browsers have been updated to the latest release.

To update your browser version on Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox,
  2. Click the [Firefox] menu in the top navigation bar,
  3. Click [About Firefox], you should receive a message to update to a more recent version,
  4. Click the message and follow the instructions for updating.

To update your browser version on Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome,
  2. Click the [Chrome] menu (top right side on a PC),
  3. Click [About Google Chrome], and check the version number.
  4. If it is out of date follow the instructions for updating it.

Check to see if the video is playing correctly.  If the above instructions are followed and you still cannot play the video, complete the following steps:

Step 3

Check to make sure Adobe Flash is up to date.

  1. Go to:
  2. Under Step #1 click [Check Now]. A message will indicate if your Flash version is out of date or needs to be updated.
  3. If updating is necessary, under Step #2, click the [Adobe Flash Player download] button or go to:
  4. I recommend UNchecking the box for the [Optional offer:] of McAfee Security Scan Plus).
  5. Click [Install now]. Follow the prompts for installing.

This tutorial will show you how to check your Flash version an Firefox and install the update if necessary.

Step 4:

Once updated, check to make sure that the video is playing. If not, check to make sure that Flash is enabled on Firefox by following these instructions.

Step 5:

If you are still having problems viewing video content, please contact the HelpDesk at at 229-4040 or

Last updated: Feb. 2014