This tutorial will show you how to upload a video to the Content area of your D2L course site using the [My Media] tool which is available to instructors in all course sites, through the HTML editor. Once uploaded, you will have access to your videos from any D2L course site in which you are enrolled as an instructor. Instructors can also give students access to [My Media] by following these instructions:

For more information on creating video materials for online delivery, see:

Before you begin:

  • Your video must be less than 2GB in size.
  • You must be enrolled in the course as an “Instructor”

You may consider printing this tutorial and referencing it as you work. A printable PDF version of this tutorial can be found here:

Step #1

  1. Login to D2L at, enter your course site and click [Content].

Step #2


Option #1 – if you have already created the Module in which you’d like to place your video, click [Table of Contents] Identify the Module title from the list of Modules.

Option #2 – if you need to create a new Module in which you’ll place your video, click [Add a module…]. Provide a title for the Module.

Step #3

  1. Pull down the menu under [New].
  2. Select [Create a File].

Step #4

  1. Provide a [Title] for your video.
  2. In the HTML editor, click the [Insert Stuff] button.

Step #5

  1. Click the [My Media] tab.
  2. Pull down the [Add New] menu.
  3. Select [Media Upload].

Step #6

  1. Click [Choose a File to Upload].

Note: If you recieve an error [Flash not available] see “Troubleshooting uploading a video to D2L’s Content area” at the end of this post.

Step #7


Browse to the location on your computer where you have saved your file and select the file.

  1. Enter a [Title] for your video.
  2. Click [Next].

Step #8

  1. Click [Insert].

Step #9


You should see your video in the window.

  1. Click [Publish].

Troubleshooting uploading a video to D2L’s Content area

  1. If you recieve an error [Flash not available] click the shield icon (in Mozilla FireFox).
  2. Click the downn arrow next to [Keep Blocking].
  3. Select [Disable Protection on this Page].