If you are interested in exporting your D2L grades to an Excel file in order to protect yourself from losing data, follow these steps:

1. In your D2L course site, click the Grades link in the navigation bar.

2. At the top of the Enter Grades page, click Export. 



3. The Export Grades page will appear. Note: By default, the “Export Grade Items For” option is set to “All users.” Leave it as set.

4. To export all available information, in the Key Field heading, select “Both”.

5. Select the Grade Values to be exported. Best practice is to select the Points Grade and Grade Scheme options.

6. Select the User Details you wish to export, usually just Last Name and First Name (though exporting e-mails can sometimes be useful).

7. Under Choose Grades to Export, place a checkmark in the checkboxes to the left of each grade item to be exported, or to select all items, select the checkbox to the left, above the Grade Item heading.

8. Best practice is to click [Export to CSV] at the bottom of the page to initiate the export process.

9. A window will open showing your file, with the message “Your file is ready to download”.  Click the link to download and either [Save] or [Open the file].

Note: D2L Gradebook data, including the original point values, grade scheme symbols and 'out of' grades can be exported to a .CSV file which can be archived when you want to save student grades beyond the 3-4 years that a D2L course sites remain available.  Exported scores can be also opened  in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications, where they can be more easily “adjusted” than is possible inside the D2L Gradebook itself.   The modified scores can then be imported back into the grade item column in D2L.

Note: Remember, when downloading or saving grade books or student submissions it is imperative to maintain the privacy of student records.  Student records should be saved on campus-housed, password-protected network storage rather than on local hard drives or portable storage devices. Questions about how long grade books and student records may be retained should be discussed with the UWM Records Officer.

  • CSV  (comma separated value) files will open in most spreadsheets.  They are thus suitable for archiving gradebooks.  CSV is also the format that D2L requires for importing a column of e.g., adjusted grades back into D2L.
  • “Text” grade items cannot be exported.
  • “Selectbox” grade items will not export the “label.” Instead, only the lowest percentage in the scheme range is exported.
Note: If after entering student grades into your gradebook you decide to change froma Points to a Weighted Gradebook or vice versa,  please protect yourself against losing grade data by exporting (saving) your gradebook before performing the switch.
D2L 10.3 May 2014