This tutorial will show you how to search for a YouTube video in your D2L course site and embed it in the Content area.

Please note, you may find it easier to search for a video in YouTube directly at: Once you identify a video that you’d like to use in your course, you can use these instructions to embed the video in the Content area: These instructions also shows you how to select whether or not you want students to see YouTubes “suggested videos” at the end of the presentation. Most instructors do not want students to see suggested videos.

Step #2


Once the YouTube embed code is copied to your clipboard, you can paste the code into a Content item in D2L using the instructions below:

  1. Login to D2L at, enter your course site and click [Content].

Step #3


Option #1 – if you have already created the Module in which you’d like to place your video, click [Table of Contents] Identify the Module title from the list of Modules.

Option #2 – if you need to create a new Module in which you’ll place your video, click [Add a module…]. Provide a title for the Module.

Step #4

  1. Pull down the menu under [New].
  2. Select [Create a File].

Step #5

  1. Provide a [Title] for your video.
  2. In the HTML editor, click the [Insert Stuff] button.

Step #6

  1. Click the [YouTube] tab.
  2. Enter a search term for the video in the “Search YouTube” field.
  3. Click [Search].

Step #7

  1. Select the desired video and click [Next].

Step #8

  1. You will see a preview of your video in the window.
  2. Click the [Insert] button.

Step #9

  1. Once you return to the [Create a File] window, select [Publish].

Step #10


You should see your video in the window. You can test to make sure the video is embedded properly.