Instructors are urged to give students these guidelines to avoid technical problems during online quizzes:

  • Choose the most reliable internet connection and device available:
    • A campus computer lab is best. Next in reliability are cable modem and DSL connections. Dial-up is not recommended.
    • Use a “hard-wired” internet connection, NOT WIRELESS.
    • Mobile devices are not recommended.
  • SAVE each answer as you move through the quiz.
  • CHECK your answers prior to submitting the quiz. If you change an answer, verify that the change is saved prior to submitting the quiz.
  • WAIT a minute after hitting Submit Quiz, before shutting down the browser or logging out of D2L — this allows the system to properly save your responses and do the auto-grading, if that option is enabled.
  • If you have browser issues (e.g., the browser “freezes”) or if you lose internet connectivity during the quiz, you should
    • shut down the browser (do not submit the quiz; do not log out)
    • open a new browser window
    • log back into D2L
    • navigate to the course and enter the quiz again
    • continue taking the quiz.
    • NOTE: In a timed quiz, the clock keeps ticking.


D2L 10.0 Aug 2013