Guidelines for Students: Taking Online Quizzes

Instructors are urged to give students these guidelines to avoid technical problems during online quizzes:
Internet Connection:
• A cable or DSL connection (i.e. a direct connection to the modem or router) or an on-campus wired network connection is recommended as wireless connections are less reliable.
• Dial-Up connections and mobile hotspots are not recommended.
• Campus computers using wired network connections are preferred.
• Make sure your personal desktop or laptop computer uses a supported software. (Link to article, and system check)
• Avoid using mobile or other kinds of devices.
Save question answers as you take the quiz.
Review your answers prior to submitting the quiz. If you change an answer, verify that the change is saved prior to submitting the quiz.
After clicking Submit Quiz, make sure to give the system a moment before closing your browser or logging out of D2L.
If you have browser issues (e.g., the browser “freezes”) or if you lose internet connectivity during the quiz, do the following:
• Shut down the browser (do not submit the quiz and do not log out).
• Open a new browser window.
• Log in to D2L.
• Navigate to the course and enter the quiz again.
• Continue taking the quiz.
In a timed quiz, the clock runs even when you are not in D2L.

D2L 10.0 Aug 2013