When an instructor first opens a new D2L site, it will contain none of the components that are so familiar to students.

News, Content, Dropboxes, Discussions, Grades, and other areas will be blank.

To get started in your D2L course site:

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1. Confirm you are in the correct D2L site by checking the title against your PAWS listing.

2. Add Content items that your students will access during the course.

Use the Content tool to post and organize course content so that information about course expectations, course syllabus, lecture notes, and important dates display to users clearly. Course materials you post in Content can include documents, images, media files, URL links, and existing course activities (e.g., quizzes, discussions, dropboxes).

Here’s how to:

NOTE: The Content area provides the ability to view statistics which can give the instructor important insights into student progress. Content Reports display the number of users who visited course content, as well as the average time users spent viewing content.  The instructor can view overall course content statistics and specific statistics for individual topics.

3. Create a “Welcome” message in the News area.

You may wish to greet your students, let them know who you are, and tell them where to find the information you want them to use (e.g., direct them to click on [Content] in the navbar to find your syllabus and other course documents).

NOTE: D2L does not keep a record of student access to News items.  Instructors desiring this information for posted items should post them as Content items.

Here’s how to:

4. When you are ready for the students to see your D2L site, you will need to make it “Active.” Here’s how to make the D2L site visible to students.

D2L 10.3