Submitting a file to a D2L dropbox requires multiple steps.

The file will not be submitted successfully if all steps are not completed.

  1. Click on the title of the desired Dropbox folder, in which you want to add a file.
  2. Click [Add a File] in the ‘Add a File’ window.
  3. In the popup window, select where your file is stored and one way to submit is:
    • click [Upload]
    • browse for the file on your computer
    • double-click to select
    • click [Add]
    • and click [Submit]
    • click [Done] on the following screen.


    • drag a file from your desktop to be uploaded to the ‘Drop Files Here’ box.
    • drop into the area designated by a grey dotted line
    • click [Add]
    • click [Submit]
    • click [Done] on the following screen.


Confirming your Dropbox submission

Students will receive a confirmation email when file has uploaded.

Students may also confirm successful submission in the Dropbox history:

  1. Click [Dropbox] on the course navigation bar
  2. Click [View History]
  3. Select the desired Dropbox folder in the dropdown menu

Guidelines for file names

  • File names must contain only:
    • the normal letters of the English alphabet
    • numbers
    • dashes or underscores
  • Including even a single “illegal” character – e.g., ampersand, apostrophe, pound sign, exclamation mark – in the filename can make it impossible to upload or for your instructor to download.
  • File names CANNOT have spaces at the beginning or end of a file name (before the extension)
  • Finally, if you will be using periods (.) in your filename, there must be only ONE period (.) in the filename – located between the descriptive text and the file type (e.g., file1.doc).
  • Students should use a file format (e.g., Word) that the instructor has specified, so that the instructor can read the submissions after downloading them.

Troubleshooting Problems with Submitting to the Dropbox

There are two issues that could affect some students when attempting to upload files to the dropbox. Both can be addressed by the students, resulting in successful uploads.

  • First, it could be their browser. If students don’t see the proper “buttons” that will allow them to upload files, they should:
    • first, try expanding the popup window to see if the button was simply hidden
    • next, try a different browser — if they normally use Chrome, try Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11
    • if that fails, they should update to the latest version of their chosen browser and Java — frequent browser updates will often alleviate issues with popups and buttons not properly or fully loading
  • If D2L is loading properly, but students are still unable to upload their files to the Dropbox (e.g., they receive an Internal Error or the system simply never successfully completes the upload), the students should:
    • remove any and all punctuation and special characters from the filename they are attempting to upload — there should be a single period, between the file name and extension (e.g., filename.doc)
    • SHORTEN the file name as much as possible.
  • If the student requires assistance with these or other D2L-related issues, they should contact the UWM Help Desk at or 414-229-4040.

D2L 10.3 June 2014