This tutorial will show you how to embed a YouTube video in a D2L’s ePortfolio Presentation.

Before you begin, you must have:

  • A basic ePortfolio Presentation created or made available to you. If you need to create an ePortfolio Presentations see:
  • Web access to a YouTube video. If you need to upload a YouTube video for embedding in your ePortfolio, see:

You may consider printing this tutorial and referencing it as you work. A printable PDF version of this tutorial can be found here:

Step #1


Navigate to the YouTube video you’d like to include in your ePortfolio:

  1. Click the [Share] button at the bottom of your video.
  2. Click the [Embed] button.
  3. UNCHECK the box in front of [Show suggested videos when the video finishes].
  4. CHECK the box in front of [Use old embed code].
  5. Click into the box with the embed code to highlight the text. Copy the text by hitting [CTRL+C] on your PC keyboard or [Command+C] on your Mac keyboard.

Step #2


To access D2L’s ePortfolio, log in to D2L ( using your ePanther ID and password. Go to your D2L course site by clicking on the name of your course. Once you are in our course, click on [ePortfolio] in the upper navigation bar.

Step #3


Once you have entered your ePortfolio, click [My Items] in the top navigation area.

Step #4

  1. Identify the Presentation you’d like to embed the YouTube video into. Note: Presentations have icons that looks like a little poster board and easle.
  2. Click the [Down arrow] to the right.
  3. Select [Edit].

Step #5

  1. Click on [Content/Layout].

Step #6

  1. Select the page on which you’d like to embed your video by clicking the blue title.
  2. Click [Add Component].

Step #7

  1. Click [Text area].

Step #8

  1. In the [Add Content] window, enter an [Area Name] that references the video title.
  2. In the editor, click the small icon that looks like a play, stop, rewind, and fast forward button, called [Insert Stuff].

Step #9

  1. A new window will pop up. Click the button [Enter Embed Code].
  2. Paste the embed code that you copied from Step #1 into the [Embed code:] window.
  3. Click [Next].


Step #10


You will see a preview of your presentation in the window.

  1. Click the [Insert] button.


Step #11

  1. Once you return to the the [Add Content] window, click [Save].


Step #12

  1. To preview your movie, click [View Presentation].

Step #13


You should see the video in your ePortfolio Presentation. You (and your eP viewers) can control the play and volume from here.