There a number of ways to view your D2L course site from a student’s perspective. The D2L Grades area will allow you to see exactly what a specific student in your Classlist sees. Other areas of D2L, including Dropbox and Quizzes, can only be viewed using the Role Switch or Preview functions described below, unless you have a “fake student” account in D2L.

Viewing as a “fake student”

A “fake student” account is one that is created especially for you, which allows you to view your D2L site — including Quizzes, Dropbox, and Discussions — from the perspective of a student. To have a unique “fake student” account created especially for you, use the Course Request Form, and select Request An Instructor Test User.

After your unique “fake student” account is created, you can simply enroll it in your course site from the Classlist.

To log into the “fake student” account, choose the “non ePanther” black button on the D2L Login webiste.  For technical reasons, it’s also best to use a different browser than you usually use. After you’re logged in, you can access your course as if you were a student; for example, you can take a quiz, upload submissions to a dropbox, or post to a discussion forum.

Grades: What a specific student enrolled in your Classlist sees

To see a *specific* student’s view of their own Grades, click on the name of the student in the Enter Grades area, then click on [Preview] in the drop-down menu that appears to the right of the name.


Note: The Role Switch and the Preview links in various tools (EXCEPT Grades) are both designed to show an instructor what an “average” student sees. However, because neither Role Switch nor Preview is actually associated with a real USER in the D2L database, operations you perform in Role Switch or Preview do not have the same effect as when a real student performs them.

In other words, since there’s no real user attached to the Role Switch or Preview, there is no place for the instructor to *see* a quiz attempt or a file submitted to a Dropbox. Additionally, the Role Switch “student” will not see Discussions, Quizzes, or Dropboxes with group, date, or other restrictions.

To see an approximation of what the students see through Role Switch:

Use the Role Switch function to see a “generic” student view of Content, Quizzes, Dropbox, and Grades:

A special note about Grades:

Using the Role Switch, the instructor will be unable to see actual scores in Grades, since there is neither grade data nor an actual user associated with this view. The instructor will only be able to see the names of the grade items and the denominator (total points) value for each item.

To see a Quiz preview:

1. Click [Quizzes] in the main navigation bar

2. Click the [tiny arrow] beside the title of the quiz you wish to preview, to reveal the dropdown menu

3. Select [Preview]


To see a Dropbox preview:

1.  Click [Dropbox] on the main navigation bar

2. Click [More Actions] to reveal the dropdown menu

3. Select [Preview]



D2L 10.1 – December 2013